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Revitalise your garden with a ‘spring clean’!

Love your lawn…

Attention avid gardeners! In order to keep your garden in peak condition, it is time to pull on your gardening gloves and start scarifying, aerating and fertilize your lawn.

Our experts know that if you have a visible layer of thatch or dead grass laying at the soil level, you will need to either rake this out with a spring tine rake or a dedicated scarifying tool.

To keep your lawn at its finest, we also recommend using Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 on your grass, this will not only feed your lawn but kill off unattractive moss and weeds. We also suggest using the Evergreen Drop Spreader, an excellent tool we know that this will make things far more simple and enjoyable.
Coming to us this Spring, we will have both Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 for £13.99 (200m2) and the Evergreen Easy Spreader for just £20.49.

Having built a new relationship with Greenman’s and Bulldog tools, we will also be able to offer an excellent range of rakes providing you with the means to complete these important jobs.

Once you witness the great visual results with a greener and healthier lawn, we know you will be repeating the same process every year.

Spring into action…

As the weather improves and suns begins to shine ever brighter, there are plenty of essential tasks to be completed around the garden.

Now the soil is nice and warm it is time to plant up evergreen shrubs and perennials, giving them ample time to establish their roots. You can also start to think about removing fleeces and covers over less hardy tender plants, which can with caution, start to flourish. We recommend remaining vigilant with the weather and watching out for late frosts, especially if you’re not in the mild microclimate that we enjoy here on the beautiful South coast!

Right now you may have noticed your potted Tulips are beginning to emerge and we can all look forward to their famed bursts of spectacular Spring colour.

At Compton Acres, we have many types of beautiful Tulips that can be planted in their Hairy Pots straight into the ground, an excellent and straightforward way to avoid the soil and bulbs falling apart. Usually £5.99, we are now offering a special deal exclusively for this time of year. You can now acquire elegant Tulip’s at our Plant Centre for the excellent price of just £3.99 per pot.

To tidy things up in your garden, we recommend removing deadheads off Spring flowers, especially early blooming Daffodils! You can also smarten up your garden’s overall appearance by folding over weary foliage, tying it with string so that when the plant dies all that stored energy goes back into bulbs ready for next year.

Start getting your garden ‘fit for summer’…

Preparing well in advance for those wishing to capture the essence of an English meadow, you should now be sowing wildflower seeds for bursts of summer colour. A great way to fill empty or neglected spaces, wildflowers always attract lots of delightful wildlife. A Compton Acres tip will require you to make sure the planting site is well cultivated and free of weeds for improved results.

If you haven’t done so already, it is time to get mowers and machinery serviced and ready for the season ahead. Nothing is more frustrating than gearing up to either mow the lawn or shape a hedge before realising your kit is going to let you down!

We hope you appreciate all our advice and know that these simple jobs will assure you great results.

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