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Summers almost here! Feed and Protect your Garden!

Charlie Rose, one of our horticultural experts here at the Compton Acres Plant Centre, provides his top tips to preparing your garden for the hot wet weather!

Feed your garden…

Last blog, we spoke all about laying the new lawn as we came into spring and looked towards the summer to come. Now, it’s important to keep watering newly seeded lawns as the weather warms up this month. You should be aiming to keep the lawn bed moist by watering with a very fine mist each day if we have little to no rain.

However! Don’t drench the lawn rapidly as you will displace the seed and top dressing you’ve carefully applied. Also, although tempting, try not to walk on the lawn so as not to harm the newly germinated seed.

If you need a helpful hand in caring for your lawn, we now have Spray and Feed Evergreen lawn feed available. At just £6.49, it’s an incredibly easy way to feed your lawn – simply connect to universal hose connections and water away! It will green the grass in a matter of days and last for 6 weeks until the next feed.

Remember whilst your caring for your lawn that plants need a good feed too and the easiest way to do this is to use Miracle Grow All Purpose liquid feed. Especially useful for pots and containers, simply dilute a cap full or two into your watering can and feed every couple of weeks. We have both Ericaceous and All Purpose at the centre for £4.99 and £3.99 respectively.

Also new in our feeding range is the classic Fish, Blood and Bone by Miracle Grow. Only £3.99 and so important when planting up perennials or using as a top dressing to feed. A good standby for any gardener!

Protect your garden…

As we reach the warmer part of the season, it’s crucial to keep an eye out for those pesky pets and diseases, especially on roses or plants with tender growth. If you spot any powdery mildew, rust, black spot, greenfly or blackfly treat with Rose Clear, also handily available in our plant centre for £6.99. Rose Clear will both treat and prevent further attacks to ensure your garden is safe from those troublesome critters and nasty diseases!

Due to our warm and wetter winter, slugs will also be a real problem this year. In preparation for this, it is best to lay down the slug pellets now before they make holes in your Hostas! Slug Clear Ultra pellets are perfect for this job at £5.99.

What to look out for as the summer approaches!

This month will see the appearance of Begonias, Pelargonium and many more tender plants coming in at the plant centre. In fact, many of these we have already but keep checking in to see new plants on a weekly basis!

Just this week of writing we had some incredible plants hand-picked in Spain including Acanthus mollis, large Polygala, Echium candicans, Dasylirion longissimum, Dasylirion serratifolium, Tubalghia violacea, Agave marginata and stunning Cycads. Plants picked in Italy will also be arriving this coming week (week beginning 16th May)! We like to think of Compton Acres as a whole world on Dorset’s doorstep showcasing some of the finest plants from across the globe which we can provide to the customers of our Plant Centre too!

Happy gardening!

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