We have a beautiful selection of Camellias just arrived this week. 

Sourced locally, they are one of the most popular spring flowering shrubs.  They do require acid soil, but they can also be grown in containers of ericaceous potting compost.

Camellias are woodland plants that grow best in shelter and light shade, although with careful watering they can be grown in sunny positions. 

They prefer free-draining conditions, with plenty of organic matter, such as leaf mould, incorporated into the soil.


We have the following spring flowering varieties in stock now:

Camellia japonica "Brushfields Yellow"

Camellia japonica "Firedance"

Camellia japonica "Harv-no-utena"

Camellia japonica "R L Wheeler"

Camellia hybrid "Black Lace"

Camellia hybrid "Apple Blossom"

Camellia hybrid "Blissful Dawn"

Camellia hybrid "Free Spirit"

Camellia x williamsii "Wilber Foss"

Camellia x williamsii "Anticipation" 

Camellia x williamsii "Mirage"

Camellia x williamsii "Laura Boscawen"

Camellia x williamsii "Jill Totty"

and the following autumn flowering varieties

Camellia hybrid "Snow Flury"

Camellia sasanqua "Gay Sue"

Camellia sasanqua "Mignonne"


Prices range from £14.99 to £27.99

Camelia hybrid "Blissful Dawn"

Camelia williamsii "Laura Boscawen"