Gifted Moments Store

Our ‘Gifted Moments’ store is full of treats and delights for all ages and any occasion. From weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers and more we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift in amongst our treasure trove of a store!

We have a popular range of children’s toys from some of the top brands, dazzling jewellery, gifts for guys including Harley Davidson branded accessories, stylish kitchenware and confectionary, alcohol, luxurious beauty products plus more!

Our store also has a wide variety of gifts cards for all occasions.

Cookware & Kitchenware

Our extensive range of cookware and kitchenware includes our extremely popular Danoon mugs, elegant tumblers and glassware, practical yet stylish jars and tins alongside a delightful assortment of plates, cutlery and other kitchenware.

Kids Toys

Gifted Moments is home to a wide variety of children’s toys from some top brands including Jelly Cat and Beanies. Bright and friendly animal mobiles, plush cuddly toys, pocket-size games, cool gadgets, beautiful puzzles, colouring books to the ever-popular diablos, you’ll find our selection of children’s toys has something for all children.

Confectionery & Pantry

Whether you fancy sweet or savoury our confectionery and pantry selection has something for you. From chocolates, jams, preserves and nuts we have a delicious range of edible delights.

We also have a vast array of wines and liqueurs from Lyme Bay winery; including apricot and cherry flavoured brandies, port, cream liqueurs and country wines.

Jewellery, Accessories and Handbags

We are pleased to house a stunning selection of jewellery and accessories from names such as Eliza Gracious, Bedazzled and Espree. From ear rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches our jewellery makes a perfect present for that someone who loves a bit of sparkle in their life.


Our bookshelves at Gifted Moments are adorned with an impressive collection of hard back books. From historical works to take you back in time, popular biographies providing an insight into the worlds of your favourite celebs, to books on music and arts to embrace your creative. We also have a variety of other educational and useful reads.

Soap and Beauty

Looking for the perfect pampering present? Then our assortment of soaps and beauty products are just the thing for you! We have luxurious products from well-known brands such as Di Palomo and Cotswald Lavendar to clean, beautify and leave you feeling fabulous!


At Gifted Moments we also have a variety of seasonal specialties which grace our store at different times throughout the year. Including incredible works from featured local artists, an extensive range of festive gifts and decorations at Christmas time, and a superb collection of summer furniture to help you make the most of the sunshine!