About Us

Dorset’s Finest Privately Owned Historic Gardens

Mr Simpson, a margarine entrepreneur purchased the property as a seaside residence in 1920 and achieved his dream of building a garden with a difference. His concept was to create a series of gardens to embody the vision of his worldwide travels and interest in horticulture. He appointed Mr Middleton as the Head Gardener and the construction and maintenance of these beautiful gardens in Dorset began.

The gardens were to cost in the region of £220,000 - roughly equivalent to £10 million today. The gardens at this stage were not open to the public to view.

Horticulture, Conservation and Restoration

There is a rolling program of improvements to these Historic Gardens. The Wooded Valley has seen extensive tree work during the winter as well as the creation of open glades.

The Rock and Water Garden has undergone much clearance of old tired shrubs and extensive replanting of 200 different taxa.

As well as refurbishment of the above, some new areas linking the main gardens have been created. These include a small collection of Australlian plants, a sub-tropical area and a walk through Bamboo, hostas and Moutan peonies.