Dancing With Nature.

Dancing With Nature.
The Sculptural dialogues of Murless and Long

We are delighted to unveil an exclusive exhibition this winter. The Rock and Water garden is honoured to spotlight the works of renowned sculptor, Mike Long, while the Heather Garden and Memorial Link will continue to feature award-winning sculptor Brendon Murless.

Mike Long, a Goldsmiths University alumnus and ex-Head of Art at King Edward VI School,captures the essence of anatomy and motion in his sculptures, drawing inspiration from his experiences with the London Contemporary Dance and Ballet Rambert. His significant works, including a bronze War memorial at King Edward VI School and pieces exhibited at the New London Theatre in Drury Lane, have solidified his global reputation.

With exhibitions in prestigious London venues such as the Portman and Century Galleries and noteworthy showcases across the United States, Mike Long’s global footprint in the art world is undeniable. The New London Theatre in Drury Lane not only exhibited his work but also incorporated it into the celebrated musical, ‘Cats’. Moreover, his artistry found its way to the BBC documentary ‘Artbeat’, further cementing his place in contemporary art.

Mike specialises in figures of dancers, athletes, figures in motion and nudes. Most of his work is modelled in either clay or chavant and then cast in bronze in small editions or as individual pieces. At the wax stage of the casting process small details, such as clothing, are often changed so that each piece becomes very individual. Mike’s love of human anatomy has always been of great importance and each sculpture requires a huge amount of research.

Complimenting Long’s work, are the now familiar sculptures of Brendon Murless. Murless crafts pieces inspired by a fusion of the human form and nature’s beauty. Celebrated as the Best Figurative Sculpture by The Southwest Academy of Fine Arts, Brendon’s creations, like the recent commission in Weymouth for the Olympics’ tenth anniversary, never fail to capture imaginations.

Harriet Sheppard, Curator at Compton Acres says,
“We are delighted to welcome the beautifully fluid and captivating work of Mike Long into our gardens. Rock and Water provides the perfect setting to really showcase his meticulous creations, using water as it is intended for selected pieces. His work will compliment yet contrast Brendon’s viewing sectioning seamlessly”

We invite all art enthusiasts and nature lovers to experience this remarkable fusion of art and nature, as Compton Acres Gardens becomes the canvas for Mike Long’s masterpieces.

For more information, please contact:
Harriet Sheppard, Curator at Compton Acres